Data Warehouse Automation

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Executive Summary

This whitepaper describes how the Attunity Compose platform automates key
stages of the data warehouse lifecycle. Readers will learn about the capabilities
and benefits of the advanced features that are part of Attunity Compose.

The pace of business change requires an agile analytics platform to accelerate
and empower customer, competitive and operational decisions. Attunity
Compose enables businesses to design, create, populate, and manage data
warehouses including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Teradata and PureData
(fka IBM Netezza).

Attunity Compose’s model-based platform integrates with existing tools as
data warehouses are created. Throughout the data warehouse lifecycle, organizations strive to conform to agile methodologies. Continuous
improvement is required to incorporate changes and adapt to the evolving
analytic environment that businesses demand. By eliminating manual creation
of ETL code, Attunity Compose reduces both labor and the risk of error.

Compose integrates with Attunity Replicate, a high-performance data
integration platform, to ensure that businesses can rapidly incorporate data
from multiple sources in today’s heterogeneous environments.

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