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Enterprise Data Intelligence Solutions: Data Lineage - Diving Deeper

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The Issues Of Data Lineage

Data Lineage Is Vital!

Data lineage is the key to understanding the relationships between data items across the enterprise or in individual lines of business.

The Challenge Is Great!

The number and diversity of data sources, the number of data items, and the complexity of applications makes Data Lineage analysis a daunting challenge. The Need Knowing where data came from, how it moves through systems, and how it changes, is the most critical and most difficult task in any data management project. If that process - known as "tracing data lineage" - is not well executed it is impossible to have confidence in the authenticity of the data supporting business operations and
management. This paper describes how we deliver the fastest and most comprehensive data lineage mapping and visualization capability to govern and guide data projects. Data lineage seems simple: "I’m looking at a number on a report. Where did it come from?" However, since business users first identified the need, both they and technical users have recognized requirements that are more challenging.

Please find more information about the data intelligence in this white paper.

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