On-Demand Webinar: Foundational Strategies for Trust in Big Data Series - Part 1: Getting Your Data to the Platform

Dauer: ca. 25 Minuten

Bereich: Webinare

A successful big data strategy starts with making sure you have all the data you need to meet your business objectives. In today’s complex IT landscape, that requires data integration that can seamlessly access data from across your organization – regardless of where it lives.

In part 1 of our three-part webinar series on Foundational Strategies for Trust in Big Data, learn how to ensure data from all your enterprise data sources – from mainframe to cloud – is available in your data lakes and analytics platforms to power your advanced analytics, machine learning and other business initiatives. Join us to learn how Precisely Connect customers are using data integration to drive big data efforts that improve the experiences of their customers.

Part 2: Understanding Your Data

Part 3: Data Lineage

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