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The ultimate guide to data integration - Mental models for data integration, analytics and the modern data stack

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The world is awash with data, with analytics helping business leaders make smarter decisions every day. But without data integration, those insights are siloed and limited. 

Learn how data integration and a modern data mindset allows your organization to gain a comprehensive view of business operations and customer interactions, while unlocking the secret to more robust, scalable insights and happier teams. 

This free guide gives you the insights to drive more integrated business decision-making, for more powerful data-driven results. 

Chapter 1: Why data matters 
Chapter 2: What is data integration? 
Chapter 3: Approaches to data integration 
Chapter 4: Build vs. buy for data integration 
Chapter 5: How to build a modern data stack 
Chapter 6: Six steps to getting started with data integration 
Chapter 7: How to continue modernizing your analytic 

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