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The Modern Cloud Data Platform For Dummies

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The lakehouse radically simplifies the enterprise data infrastructure and accelerates innovation in an age when ML and artificial intelligence (AI) are used to disrupt every industry. This new architecture merges the best parts from data lakes with the best parts from data warehouses. Therefore, more traditional data warehouse use cases are also supported with the lakehouse approach.

In the past, most of the data that went into a company’s products or decision making was structured data from operational systems, whereas today, many products incorporate AI in the form of computer vision and speech models, text mining, and others. That puts completely new demands on the DM system, and it’s not just about the capabilities; it’s about the architectural approach.

The Modern Cloud Data Platform For Dummies, Databricks Special Edition, is about using the principles of a well-designed platform that leverages the scalable resources of the cloud to manage all of an organization’s data. This book introduces the lakehouse in DM, and you not only discover the evolution of DM solutions, but also you find out how the limitations of current solutions impact the efficiency of DM. This book explains why a lakehouse is more capable of solving the challenges of today, as well as how you can design and build a cloud data platform and what it actually means for your company or organization.

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