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Gain real-time access to SAP ERP data with high-volume data replication

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SAP ERP data is often considered the "crown jewels" of a company's data. But without realtime access and the ability to integrate SAP ERP data with other business critical data, you miss out on the true riches and business advantages as SAP ERP data offers valuable context to any analytical project.

In a global survey conducted by Dimensional Research and Fivetran, SAP ERP data integration challenges were rampant. In fact, 99 percent of respondents agreed that they face numerous challenges in keeping SAP ERP data flowing.

However, you can realize significant business benefits and gain a competitive advantage over the 99 percent of companies currently struggling with stale SAP ERP data through high-volume data replication.

Moreover, a high-volume data replication solution that allows you to democratize your SAP ERP data can be implemented quickly and cost-efficiently. Keep reading to discover how high-volume data replication works and how you can implement it to realize faster time to value and achieve higher data quality while maintaining robust security.

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