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E-Book: Cloud Data Platforms For Dummies

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This book explains how you can establish a cloud data platform that minimizes the complexity of securely loading, transforming, integrating, analyzing, and sharing data associated with traditional on-premises and cloud solutions. In addition, you’ll learn how to compare platform solutions and how those solutions support many types of applications, workloads, and clouds. You’ll also get insights into how a cloud data platform can be the hub of a more insightful and responsive enterprise and a foundation for transforming outdated business processes and accelerating the uptake of digital business models. Read on to learn how you can establish a single cloud data platform for all types of data, without incurring the excessive cost and complexity inherent in traditional data management and analytics solutions. Discover how your IT team and other business units can step away from tedious data administration and focus on delivering great experiences with data. This book shows you how to:

  • Supply business users with simple but powerful data analytics they need, when they need it.
  • Make quick, accurate, and consistent business decisions based on simple and advanced analytic approaches
  • Eliminate the expense of buying, maintaining, and securing on-premises data management and analytics solutions.
  • Easily deliver performance benefits and security measures that require almost no setup or maintenance.
  • Efficiently share and monetize your data without making copies of the data or moving it from place to place.
  • Empower your data scientists, data engineers, and data application developers to extract value from your data in ways not possible with your existing solutions.

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