The top 5 risks of delaying a move to the cloud

- From why to why not

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There was a time in the United States when people were told that everything about the way they measured their world was going to change. There was a different system—a much better one—being used by pretty much everyone else on the planet; and it was time to change the country’s antiquated ways. Inches? They were going to become centimeters. Miles? A thing of the past. Everyone from school children to grandmothers prepared themselves for the change to the metric system—which never came to pass.

At times, the discussion around cloud deployment of software solutions has had a similar tone. We all got the message that broad adoption of cloud hosting was only a matter of time. Just how much time has been the difficult part to predict, leaving many to wonder if those carrying the cloud banner would eventually become known as the boy who cried SaaS.


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