The disruptive power of big data

How big data analytics is transforming business

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Executive overview: The big data revolution

Digital data is doubling in size every two years. That alone is an interesting fact. But what’s really compelling is that businesses are harvesting and using this data to improve market knowledge, enhance competitiveness, and transform their operations and even their business models.
It’s a disruptive change for business. And like the Internet and the computer itself, enterprises that learn to use big data and information management for business advantage will thrive in the big data era; those that do not will find themselves outpaced by more nimble competitors and will risk extinction.

Businesses have always sought to mine actionable information from data. But capitalizing on the vast potential value of big data requires a new approach. Traditional data warehouses and business intelligence (BI) tools don’t provide answers fast enough. Big data analytics—tools and processes created specifically to turn big data and analytics into business insight—allow
business leaders to develop a conversational relationship with data. It’s an approach where answers suggest better questions and refinement leads to insight.

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