The ASG Data Intelligence Maturity Model

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The ASG Data Intelligence Maturity Model provides a framework that outlines the required capabilities and benefits gained at each stage of maturity. As enterprises follow a structured approach, the business value of data is maximized and the associated risk in a changing data environment is minimized.

The role of data has shifted radically. It has long been a supporting resource, providing  insight into business operations and performance. Data is now a strategic asset, driving business growth as a key part of digitization strategies. According to a 2018 survey by Harvey Nash & KPMG, 61% of organizations that are effective at using digital technologies see higher revenue growth than their competitors who fail to seize the opportunity or who stumble  at compliance hurdles.

The information economy requires companies to become information companies. Information companies know their most valuable asset is their data and must:

  • Understand the breadth and depth of data managed through the organization
  • Use data lineage, data quality metrics and other Data Intelligence capabilities to establish truth in data
  • Reduce the risk of non-compliance with regulations and governance
  • Build, govern and maintain trusted data
  • Share data across the organization for new insights and improved decision making
  • Monetize and harvest the value from their data

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