TDWI Checkliste Report: Six Keys to Maximizing Big Data Benefits and Project Success

How you can deliver business value and avoid common pitfalls in big data integration and analytics

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Big data is about changing the status quo for established organizations and fueling the growth of new and disruptive businesses. Big data projects focus on enabling analysis of and interaction with new types and combinations of data at a far greater scale than has been possible with traditional enterprise business intelligence (BI) and data warehousing systems.

Both established and new organizations need systems that can support not just standard BI but also advanced analytics and cutting-edge information-driven applications that use artificial intelligence techniques such as machine learning.

Technology solutions are available today to help you avoid the delays, poor integration, significant manual work, and errors that have prevented organizations from fulfilling their ambitions with big data and analytics. Better integrated and easier-to-use technologies plus guidance provided by blueprints and templates can enable organizations to move faster to realize the benefits of big data systems for a wider range of strategic and operational business decisions.

This TDWI checklist discusses six important issues that organizations should address to start big data projects off right and then manage them to achieve objectives faster and with less difficulty. By addressing these issues, organizations will be in a better position to accomplish extraordinary results that change the status quo.

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