TDWI BEST PRACTICES REPORT - Hadoop for the Enterprise

Making Data Management Massively Scalable, Agile, Feature-Rich, and Cost-Effective

Bereich: Whitepaper

Hadoop began its journey by proving its worth as a Spartan but highly scalable data platform for reporting and analytics in Internet firms and other digital organizations. The journey is now taking Hadoop into a wider range of industries, use cases, and types of organization. Hadoop is again challenged to prove its worth, this time by satisfying the stringent requirements that traditional IT departments and business units demand of their platforms for enterprise data and business applications.

Hadoop for the enterprise is driven by several rising needs. On a technology level, many organizations need data platforms to scale up to handle exploding data volumes. They also need a scalable extension for existing IT systems in warehousing, archiving, and content management.
Others need to finally get BI value out of non-structured data. Hadoop fits the bill for all these needs.

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