Building a governed cloud data platform with GCP and Collibra

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Cloud data platforms have become a key component of enterprise data architectures, playing a central role in many organizations’ digital transformation strategies. That is not simply because they offer multipurpose, scalable and cost-effective storage. It is because they foster more agile data operations, cut through siloed architectures and unlock the potential of artificial intelligence and machine learning to drive new trusted business insights.

Those core benefits help address many of the challenges that companies face in executing their digital transformation programs. Across all industry verticals, companies are collecting much greater volumes of data, which points to the need for scalable, cost-effective solutions. They are also collecting a greater variety of data (including structured, semi-structured and unstructured data) that is difficult to describe via a single schema. This points to the need for multipurpose storage. Most importantly, they need to quickly derive insights from these diverse datasets, which points to the need for agile data operations and sophisticated analytics (particularly AI/ML capabilities).

However, some benefits can also result in unintended consequences. The ease with which organizations can store greater volumes and a broader variety of data, at a lower cost, has the potential to contribute to poor housekeeping. Without proper governance, organizations are likely to run into challenges relating to data quality, data discovery and compliance.

The key to unlocking the benefits of cloud data platforms, while mitigating any unintended consequences, lies in ensuring that your data is well governed.

This paper provides:

  • An overview of how we define a cloud data platform
  • An explanation for why data needs to be well governed on a cloud data platform
  • An architectural overview of the GCP/Collibra governed cloud data platform
  • Insights into four strategies to ensure a successful implementation

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