The Impact of Digital Transformation on the IT Organization and Data Professionals

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Digital Transformation is one of the buzziest tech terms of 2019. And with good reason. IDC forecasts global digital transformation spending to reach $1.18 trillion in 2019, an increase of 17.9% over 2018. This investment is booming as companies reformulate their business models to meet the demand and expectations of a world that operates online, on mobile devices and across virtual environments.

Data, many organizations’ most strategic asset, is a critical component of any digital transformation effort. In order to derive value from it, however, organizations must first find, understand and make use of these assets. That is, they must have a solid level of data intelligence—a task that becomes increasingly complex as the volume and diversity of data explodes and the ever-changing regulatory environment demands compliance.

How are IT leaders and data professionals working through the conflicting needs to support the business goals for speed and agility while at the same time making sure data is properly secured, governed and compliant?

The complexity of data management was explored by ASG Technologies in a recent survey of more than 200 IT managers, directors and VPs in organizations of 500+ employees and $10M+ in revenue. The results point to a juggling act as IT balances the need to make the right data available to the right people at the right time, while ensuring the same data is managed in compliance with regulations. Read on to learn more about the challenges, opportunities and priorities that are emerging as a result. 

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