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Unified Analytics For Dummies

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The world has come a long way since the early days of data analysis where a simple relational database, point-in-time data, and some internal spreadsheet expertise helped to drive business decisions. Today, enterprises focus significant resources to tap into the enormous promise of artificial intelligence (AI) to drive disruptive innovation and transform their businesses. According to a recent survey and research report commissioned with IDG’s CIO, nearly 90 percent of enterprises are investing in data and AI technology.

Data is at the core of how these modern enterprises are unlocking the potential of AI to change their business. The challenge most enterprises face is how to succeed with both their data and AI. How can the gap between managing the data (data engineering) and developing and managing the algorithms (data science) be bridged and what impact can that have on an organization’s ability to succeed with AI? That is the major question addressed in this book.

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