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The Real Cost of Reinventing the BI Wheel

A Compelling Case for Data Cataloging

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It is common to find individuals and groups performing similar, overlapping, and redundant analytics work. Much of the redundancy is a direct result of autonomy that is inherent in and essential to a self-service environment. Pockets of analytics are a natural consequence when analytics practitioners are isolated from and unaware of the work of others. It is tempting to think of analytics silos as unavoidable and acceptable, but the real costs of redundancy are surprisingly high when you consider duplicated efforts, wasted time and money, and the cost of unnecessary datasets and data pipelines.

Collaborative analytics is the answer. Adopting practices of cataloging and sharing analytics processes and results reduces redundancy, improves quality, eliminates overlap and wasted efforts, advances knowledge sharing, and increases consistency of understanding that bridges organizational and geographic divides.

This paper tells the story of a redundant analytics scenario and illustrates the cost savings that are possible with a shift from analytics silos to collaboration.

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