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TDWI Best Practices Report: Faster Insights from Faster Data - Technologies and practices for better speed to insight

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Technology advances are also key. This report discusses how organizations can reduce
latency in data preparation, transformation, and development of data pipelines. It details how
organizations could be using data catalogs, metadata repositories, and data virtualization
more effectively, including for governance. With expense and scalability identified by research
participants as two main issues they face, it is not surprising that cloud-based data management,
integration, transformation, and development are popular. This report discusses how moving to
the cloud solves some problems but spotlights other issues, such as governance and finding the
right balance between centralization and self-service environments.

Data itself is getting faster as organizations begin to analyze new sources including streaming
data coming from sensors, websites, mobile devices, geolocations, and more. The report finds
that some organizations use streaming, real-time analytics and AI to automate decisions and
deliver actionable recommendations to users. TDWI recommends that organizations focus on
well-defined objectives and also devote attention to their big-picture strategy to avoid letting
complexity slow innovation.

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