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Accelerate Digital Transformation: Application Modernization with Containers Across Hybrid Clouds

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Are You Ready for the Digital Economy?

Agile IT. Hybrid Cloud. App Modernization.

Organizations in every industry are under pressure to adapt to the new digital economy and are asking their technology leaders to help them make the right investments. There are an unprecedented number of new technology solutions that promise to bring real change to business, and IT leaders are expected to invest in them appropriately. But that does not mean existing technology investments can be ignored and this posesa real challenge for those who make the budgeting decisions.

Table of Contents:

  • Are You Ready for the Digital Economy?
  • Modernize the old or build new? Do both
  • MetLife Reduces Traditional App Total Costs and Accelerates New App Delivery with Docker Enterprise Edition.
  • Introducing Docker Enterprise Edition: Containers-as-a-Service Platform for the Enterprise
  • Docker Enterprise Edition Delivers the Fastest Time-to-Value for Modernizing IT
  • The Docker Modernize Traditional Applications (MTA) Program

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