TDWI Checklist Report | Six Strategies for Balancing Compliance with Data Value

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The world of data is evolving at an accelerating pace. Most of the recent changes can lead to business opportunities, but customers and prospects are growing increasingly concerned about data privacy and security. Businesses can only seize new data-driven opportunities if they recognize sensitive data and handle it responsibly.

One way to prepare for any new compliance regulation is to review and revise your organization’s data governance policies and business processes around data’s capture, management, and usage. Successful compliance demands a sound data management foundation.

This report focuses on how targeted improvements to specific data management best practices and technology can contribute significantly to your success with GDPR compliance, as well as data governance and data-driven programs in general. The report will also stress how data value and data intelligence make compliance (and other data-driven activities) more agile, accurate, credible, and auditable.

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