Modern Data Strategy - It’s not really about Big Data

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Yes, “big data” is already a cliché. But it’s also reality.

If you’re not already modernizing your data management infrastructure, you are laying the groundwork to be perennially behind—struggling to interpret this newer way of thinking about, and using, data to drive your business. Simply stated, a modern data strategy involves changing the way you think about data, and then plotting a course to effectively take advantage of it in many ways.

Every IT vendor today is telling you the same things: “Big data is critical. Big data is the most important trend of the decade. We are the experts in big data.” In fact, every vendor will go on to say that they’ll not only help you with a big data strategy, but that they offer a suite of products and services to help you implement it, as well.

But what is it, exactly? How does big data relate to your business today? Is it really just about volume, variety, and velocity? And, do you need to act now? This paper proposes a different perspective on big data and asserts that it’s not the “what” of data but, rather, the “how” that really matters. It also argues that if you don’t have a well-thought strategy, you’re not going to get very far and will find yourself at a competitive disadvantage.

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