Machine Learning, Demystified

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Discover some basic (and fun) principles of machine learning with easy-to-understand illustrations.

Machine learning has gone from the the realm of a relatively small number of data scientists to the mainstream of analysis and business. And while this has resulted in a plethora of innovations and improvements for organizations worldwide, it’s also provoked reactions ranging from curiosity to anxiety among people everywhere.

We’ve decided to make this guide because we’ve noticed that there aren’t too many resources out there that answer the question, “What is machine learning?” while using a minimum of technical terms. Actually, the basic concepts of machine learning aren’t very difficult to grasp when they’re explained simply.

Start from the beginning and work your way through - you'll be fluent in machine learning in no time!

What you'll find in this guidebook: Some Of The Fundamental Concepts Of Machine Learning

  • A glossary of basic terms
  • Machine learning algorithms explained
  • How to evaluate your model
  • Resources for further exploration

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