Demystifying data science - How organizations can benefit from artificial intelligence and advanced analytics

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Artificial intelligence (AI) will generate $2.9 trillion USD in business value and recover 6.2 billion hours of worker productivity by 2021.

Most organizations are challenged to turn growing volumes of data into useful information and valuable insights. Data analytics and AI unlock the power of data and provide a competitive edge to help gain valuable knowledge which would otherwise be lost from masses of information.

Read Demystifying Data Science to learn key concepts, adoption readiness assessment structures, advanced analytical techniques and frameworks for defining high value and impactful AI use-cases. The white paper also provides:

  • Key definitions of AI, machine learning and related concepts
  • Common machine-learning techniques simplified and explained, such as supervised learning, natural language processing and classification
  • Requirements and tips for success when adopting and implementing AI
  • Steps to building meaningful, high value use-cases that demonstrate true business value


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