Data Vault Modeling Guide

Introductory Guide to Data Vault Modeling

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Data Vault modeling is most compelling when applied to an enterprise data warehouse program (EDW). Several key decisions concerning the type of program, related projects, and the scope of the broader
initiative are then answered by this designation. In short, the organization contemplating this initiative is committing to an integrated, non-volatile, time variant and core business concept driven data warehouse program. The data vault principles are specifically well suited for such a program and - when applied consistently - can provide the organization with some very compelling benefits. These include auditability, agility, adaptability, alignment with the business, and support for operational data warehousing initiatives. To gain these benefits however, the organization will need to commit to both EDW program level factors as well as specific data vault modeling patterns, rules and methods. This guide presents data
vault modeling in the context of the EDW.

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