Data Science and AI Mid-Year Check in: Unanswered Questions of 2018 (and Early Trends for 2019)

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Unanswered Questions 2018:

  • What Exactly Is a "Data Project" (or "Data Science Project") Anyway?
  • Are There Really Several "Tiers" of Data Scientists? (AKA What Kind of Data Scientist Should I Be Hiring?)
  • Why Are So Many Data Scientists Leaving Their Jobs?
  • What Are the Compelling Reasons for Reasons for Collaboration Data Science?
  • Will My Company Ever Get To a Place Where We Can Deploy (+ Manage) Many Predictive Models?

Early Trends 2019:

  • Data Scientists Aren’t Given the Tools to Be Productive
  • What’s to Come in Open Source
  • AI Could Become Less Open
  • AI is Hot, but Beware of Immature AI



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