Data Architecture as a Service - Empowering the Business to Build Compliant Pipleines

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Data architecture-as-a-service (DAaaS) is a new self-service paradigm that empowers business users to create architecturally compliant data pipelines and repositories. By injecting architectural guardrails into commercial self-service data engineering tools, DaaS solves the problem of data silos, which wreak havoc on enterprise data consistency and trustworthiness.

DAaaS is not a new concept. Architects and engineers have long created development templates to foster reuse, accelerate development, and improve accuracy and efficiency. But DAaaS commercializes this approach, baking templates and automation into GUI-based development environments geared to business users.

DAaaS is a metadata-driven approach that auto-generates code and documentation. It also abstracts the underlying platform so data architects and engineers can change or update the platform without impacting business users. On the whole, DAaaS promises to govern self-service, foster reuse, reduce errors, and speed development.

DAaaS enables:

  • Compliance with architectural standards, minimizing data silos.
  • Governed, self-service data engineering.
  • The insertion of architectural guardrails into no-code development environments.
  • Auto-generation of code, accelerating development and improving accuracy.
  • Abstraction of underlying data platform and infrastructure.

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