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The Ultimate Guide to Supercharge the Modern Workplace

100 Pages of Tips & Tricks how to Proceed within the New Reality

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On 100 pages, we have compiled the most important facts and figures for you that will help you set up your home office workplace, work remotely and in your daily routines. In doing so, we have not only looked at the technical requirements, but also looked at distracting and disruptive elements and show ideas on how to eliminate them.

Interesting are the concerns that bosses raise against remote working and also the most frequently mentioned advantages of working from home. The fact is that large companies will rent out parts of their office space and that the environment benefits from less commuting. The business travel industry suffers proportionally.

We have taken a closer look at everyday working life in a home office and examined and evaluated the influencing factors. Home office requires a special quality of self-discipline, that is clear. What exactly, you can read in the guide. But there are not only challenges, but also opportunities. For you and your employees and colleagues. We will show you what they are.

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