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7 Insider Tips for Building Modern Data Stacks

Data management best practices we’ve learned from building analytics stacks at J.P. Morgan, Fivetran and more

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A data stack is a suite of tools that enable data integration. The modern data stack consists of cloud-native data tools centered around automation, lowered costs and ease-of-use to end users throughout the lifecycle of data management.

This is a guide to building a modern data stack and other data management best practices. You will read about:

  1. How to Build a Modern Data Stack
  2. Pitfalls to Avoid While Building a Modern Data Stack
  3. How to Make the First Few Data Hires
  4. What to Do in the First 180 Days
  5. How to Run Your Data Team as an R&D Team
  6. Systems Thinking Part I: Optimizing Data Integration Workflows
  7. Systems Thinking Part II: Using Information as Leverage

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