Understanding the Voice of the Customer

How to effectively leverage customer insight with business discovery analytics

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Customers interact with your brand via your website, using mobile apps, contacting your call center, and visiting retail locations. They also interact by engaging other customers and prospects on social networking platforms. Each of these interactions is an ingredient in the overall customer experience. Each individual ingredient is important to understanding, and ultimately revealing, the true voice of the customer.

HP’s Voice of the Customer solution reads and understands virtually all data, structured and unstructured, so that you can gain the comprehensive insight you need to make customer experience improvements with real business impact, and to elevate your effectiveness in decision making. For example, you may discover in real time, from customer tweets, that the microsite for your marketing campaign is too slow or that your offer is not compelling enough and is impacting your response rate. Voice of the Customer gives you this information, so you can take fast action without losing momentum.

Read this white paper to find out how you can effectively leverage customer insight from multiple channels with business discovery analytics.

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