The Rise of the Enterprise Container Platform

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Digital transformation is causing businesses to move faster in the digital realm, driving a wave of technology change. Companies are migrating to the public cloud to take advantage of on-demand resources and implementing DevOps and microservices architectures to increase application development speed.

Containers have rapidly evolved in the past few years into a perfect core technology to enable all of these technology changes. Lightweight, agile, and standardized, containers are the perfect vessel to encapsulate microservices, enable portability between on-premises and cloud, and push through continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines. Containers are also being used for existing applications, extending many of the benefits to traditional enterprise applications while preparing them for future modernization. While the next-generation applications are certainly cloud native and microservices based, enterprises have huge portfolios of applications that can't be rebuilt on a whim and the industry will be in transition for a decade or more. Containerizing these traditional applications provides some immediate benefits around resource consolidation and simpler patching and maintenance until further application modernization investments can be made.

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