Research study: Making the enterprise data-centric

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Data is critical to the everyday operation within today’s progressive business environment. Everything from understanding your customer to keeping your shelves stocked requires solid information sources, not to mention the on-demand availability of that information. Organisations are undertaking clear business transformation to evolve their business intelligence (BI) investments into today’s data and business analytics technologies and strategies.

Moreover, they are also undertaking a more general ideological shift towards being more data-centric and predictive in everything they do. That means having a full understanding of the value of data, having clear ownership and a concerted company-wide plan for what to do with it.

Information breeds in every corner of the enterprise and can grow at a phenomenal rate if left unchecked and if it is not being used and maintained effectively. This is why having the right person or department own data strategy is such an important part of delivering success. It is also reflective of the changing composition of the boardroom and the C-suite. Changes in regulation and business needs have catapulted certain C-level roles into the spotlight, while others are proving to be far less involved in delivering today’s data-driven strategy.

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