Optimize Your Enterprise Architecture with Apache™ Hadoop® and NoSQL

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Relational database management systems (RDBMS) have been the foundational technology for enterprise IT architectures for several decades, and for good reason. The relational model is well suited for the data types that are used in business applications such as enterprise resource management (ERP), customer resource management (CRM), enterprise performance management (EPM), etc. Extensions for complex data types have enabled management of media types such as images, video, audio, and document files. Enterprise-grade reliability and data protection let organizations run safe, 24x7 business operations. The rich ecosystem of tools and related technologies, including data integration and application development environments, further extend the value of RDBMSs. And the large available talent pool ensures a path to project success.

With the wealth of advantages that RDBMSs bring, they will continue to play a significant role in organizations today and in the future. And since most business operations, along with the most used business data, have fundamentally remained the same over the years, organizations can continue leveraging RDBMS-based technologies. So why is there so much buzz around newer technologies like Apache Hadoop and NoSQL databases?

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