Mainframe to Cloud: Design Once, Deploy Anywhere in a Hybrid World

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The expression, what’s old is new again, has a lot of relevance for mainframe data. Valuable mainframe data can become even more powerful when it’s accessible in the cloud. But the complexity of working with mainframe data – particularly in organizations that no longer have those skills in-house – can be a significant challenge, as these systems don’t always integrate seamlessly with today’s newest technology. Mainframe developers applied many design tricks to save on space, and as a result, much of the data coming from these systems is generated in formats that are unfamiliar to many, including those who are skilled in working with newer data platforms.

Even when an organization manages to get its mainframe  data to the cloud, the job is typically not over. If transactions continue to take place on the mainframe, those changes need to be reflected in the cloud.

In addition, many organizations have multiple cloud deployments or will switch cloud vendors over time.

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