Evaluating Databases for Cloud Applications

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For any business that wants to successfully compete in today’s digital economy, it is not a question of if but rather how much of their business will be done with cloud applications.

A cloud application is one with many endpoints including browsers, mobile devices, and/or machines that are geographically distributed. The application is intensely transactional (high velocity reads and/or writes), always available, and instantaneously responsive no matter the number of users or machines using the application. In short, customers need cloud applications to deliver real-time value at epic scale.

The move towards cloud application use vs. traditional application delivery models is unmistakable with Gartner Group noting a current trend in the need for systems to support the “development of new digital — in most cases end-consumer facing — applications that need to be able to scale and transform in a similar agile and dynamic fashion as consumer-oriented social media applications.”

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