Cultivating a data culture for analytics success

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Sound familiar? You’re not alone. These problems share the same cause: an organisation recognises the value of data, but has failed to cultivate a data culture. According to Gartner, this is a more common scenario than you might expect. While 80 percent of CEOs claim to consider data an asset, only 10 percent say their organisation treats it that way.

Data is a tremendous opportunity, and businesses know it. IDC research shows organisations have rapidly improved their abilities to leverage data and analytics. More than a third have even progressed to more mature data analytics stages, up from seven percent in 2014. They see data as a tool to drive sales, understand customer segments and identify innovation and investment opportunities.


  • For data analytics success, culture comes first
  • Spot the difference: Data culture vs. non-data culture
  • Why a data culture matters
  • Signs your organization is ready for change
  • Cultivating a data culture: Before you start
  • Cultivating a data culture: 5 steps to success
  • Conclusion 

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