5 BIG MYTHS of AI and Machine Learning debunked

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AI has been with us in one form or another for over 60 years and yet it seems to be more misunderstood today than ever.

It’s not for lack of trying. Venture capital investment in AI now tops $3 billion annually, and the number of active startups in the U.S. that are developing AI technologies has gone up by a factor of 14 since 2000. A huge number of consumer products are now being built with AI, from smartphones that understand what we say to smart dolls that can understand how your child feels.

But in the enterprise, the sentiment surrounding AI still seems to stress caution. First-movers aside, executives are hesitant to implement AI and machine learning systems in their organization — and that’s if they even understand the difference between the two. AI sounds good in theory, but what is the real-world value of machine learning? Will true AI really ever come to pass?

AI is here, it’s already proving itself in the market, and it’s increasingly being built with business in mind. Those billions of dollars pouring into AI startups are already having an impact, turning out powerful tools that leverage cutting-edge cognitive technologies that can give your business decision-making processes a massive upgrade. The tech is getting easier to use than ever, too. You won’t need an army of Stanford Ph.D.’s to manage many of today’s AI tools and it won’t kick you out of the corner office, either.

The myths around artificial intelligence can get pretty dense, so we’ve taken five of the biggest and dissected them to help you understand the truth about today’s AI landscape. We’ll address some major misconceptions to set your business on the right path toward success in the world of AI.

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