TDWI Webinar On-Demand - BI and Big Data: Stick with the Classics - or Change Your Approach?

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Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark are two leading Big Data platforms, and they’ve finally gone mainstream. That’s both good news and bad, because with mainstream use comes scrutiny. And in scrutinizing Big Data, some organizations are finding internal adoption - and thus ROI - is low. That’s a normal part of a technology’s adoption cycle, of course. But what’s the best response?

One approach has been to craft technologies that mesh the "old" -- Business Intelligence (BI) - with the "new" - Big Data. Relational Data Warehousing on Hadoop and OLAP on Hadoop are prime examples. Another approach has been to build Modern BI tools that are intuitive to business users but which use the new technologies in fundamentally new ways, without making them emulate older platforms. Is one approach more correct that the other?
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Marcus Pilz
Member of the Board, TDWI Germany

Andrew Brust
Senior Director, Market Strategy and Intelligence Datameer

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