On-Demand Webinar: Foundational Strategies for Trust in Big Data Series - Part 3: Data Lineage

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For any team working with data it is not enough to understand the data needed for satisfying regulatory, compliance and data governance requirements or supporting new business initiatives. Data integration and governance teams, guided by the Chief Data Officer, need to be able to prove and validate where data sources came from and how they are used in support of critical business initiatives. Did the data come from the right source, and at the right time? As data compliance pressures on companies grow worldwide, these teams must be able to verify the provenance and lineage of data used in all their new projects/initiatives to ensure trust and confidence. In the final part of our webcast series on Foundation Strategies for Trust in Big Data, learn how Precisely Connect helps to support teams in documenting and meeting the regulatory, compliance and data governance requirements of their critical applications and data by supplying end-to-end data lineage. Additionally, gain insight into how together, Precisely Connect and Precisely Trillium can enable regulatory business use cases such as AML or fraud detection.

Part 1: Getting Your Data to the Platform

Part 2: Understanding Your Data

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