Mitschnitt TDWI München 2021 digital - How the pandemic has accelerated the adoption of data virtualization?

Bereich: Webinare

The pandemic of 2020 drove organisations to react to an ever-changing landscape. Organizations needed to be able to understand better their customers, suppliers, and partners. They needed to react in real time to ever changing events. In this presentation we will touch on the value that Data Virtualization brings to organizations, helping them understand their data assets in real time.

We will discuss how data is everywhere from being in on premise data stores such as legacy databases to cloud-based data warehouses and data lakes to even third party data sources such as social media or supply chain data.

We will look at how data virtualization helps bring together these sources into a logical data fabric, allowing data citizens to interrogate and report on the data in real time. Helping organizations make data driven business decisions.

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